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From the celebrated Marvel comics writer of Hulk, Hercules, X-men, and Iron Man.
Robot Stories
& More Screenplays
Enjoy the definitive collection of Greg Pak's movie scripts, which garnered 35 film awards and opened the door to him becoming one of America's Top 10 comic book writers (Wizard Magazine).
“An exhilarating ride by a masterful filmmaker, four utterly engrossing tales which speak with the wisdom of parables to our technologically-obsessed age. Greg Pak infuses each moment of this beautiful film with an infectious wonder at the joys and complexities of existence.”
—David Henry Hwang, M Butterfly

“An award winning filmmaker and now hot as hell newcomer…[Pak] is a writer on the cusp, right at the unique precipice between upstart and industry great.”
—Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief, Marvel Comics
Robot Stories by Greg Pak
$14.95, paperback
Film/Asian-American Studies
ISBN: 1-59702-000-1
7 x 9, 232 pages

Cast photos include Tamilyn Tomita and Eisha Davis!