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Catch this Rat!
The Year of the Rat
Tales from the Chinese Zodiac
“Bing's new pet, baby rat Ralph, proves to be a handful as he must learn to mind his own business and rein in his curiosity, not to mention his uncontrollable gnawing. Of course, his smarts and resourcefulness eventually save the day. The third in Chin’s animal zodiac series provides a waggish romp exploring the characteristics of those born in the upcoming Year of the Rat (like my Ralph-like daughter).”—The Bloomsbury Review
“Chin’s story brings the Year of the Rat to life with his endearing characters and an amusing storyline. The cartoon-like drawings by Miah Alcorn, who has partnered with Chin for all three books, bring enthusiasm and added energy to Chin’s tale and characters. Though recommended for elementary students, The Year of the Rat is steeped in Asian culture and will appeal to readers of all ages. And even if readers cannot engage personally with the traits of the Rat, they will certainly be able to identify with Ralph’s feats and struggles.”—Paper Tigers
The Year of the Rat by Oliver Chin
$15.95, hardcover
Children’s Picture Book
ISBN: 1-59702-011-7
10 x 9 5/8, 36 pages