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Art MoCo's Top 10 Books of 2008
“a delightful tale of plush creatures”
The Woollyhoodwinks
vs. the Dark Patch
I LOVE IT. It's my favorite book I’ve reviewed all year: While I may not always feel smartre enough for Sartre, The Woollyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch is one for this existentialist. With a mix of cute handmade sock-puppet-looking things (the aforementioned Woollyhoodwinks) and whimsical sentences that shock and please with their originality, if you like your adult books intense, this is the kids’ book for you…Of course your kids just may think the dolls are cute. And that's okay too.”
—Cool Mom Picks
“I cannot remember the last time I fell so hard for a work of children's literature! Seriously. ….For families who are fans of simple, rustic, charming creatures for play, this cast of characters will bring you much delight! As much as I adore the non-commerical, against-the-mainstream aspect of the characters of the book, as well as the minimalist approach to illustrations, what I really love is the text. It is full of poetic prose that just sings off of the page.”—Sorta Crunchy
The Woollyhoodwinks by Asa Sanchez
$15.95, hardcover
Children’s Picture Book
ISBN: 1-59702-012-1
11 x 8, 36 pages