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“The world they embark on is vibrantly colorful and uniquely whimsical.”—Gilding the Lily
Chaff n' Skaffs
Mai and the lost Moskivvy
“…a charming children's picturebook, featuring a young girl’s adventure. When a lost mosquito wakes young Mai up, her big grey friend Chaff suggests that they escort little Moskivvy back home. Their trip takes them through colorful and fantastic lands, vividly portrayed by Luke Feldman’s gorgeously stylized illustrations. Moskivvy's family are all absolutely delighted to see him again. But how are Mai and Chaff to get home? Fortunately Moskivvy’s friends have an ingenious solution! A simple yet charming story distinguished by its unforgettable artwork style.”—Midwest Book Review
A Dazzling Celebration of Childhood….A touching tale that teaches children the importance of family, friendship and love, the book is packed with vibrant, colourful illustrations and incredible creatures”—Chic Today
Chaff n' Skaffs by Luke Feldman
$15.95, hardcover
Children’s Picture Book
ISBN: 1-59702-013-8
10 x 9 1/2, 36 pages