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This book is awesome! I love it.
—Mike Chamberlain, Manager of Innovation,
Guest Experience, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Sid the Squid
and the Search for the Perfect Job
Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job is an inspiring tale for readers of all ages of how truly important it is to find gratifying work. Dave Derrick's illustrations of Sid and his quest for finding a job that he will love are vivid and engaging while depicting the meaningful message that anyone can find work that makes them happy!”
Julie Jansen, career coach and author of
I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This

“Sid the Squid is the perfect introduction for any child to meet one of the ocean’s unlikeliest heroes. I have no doubt that once a child has been initiated into the whimsical world of Sid, the book will become an oft-requested favorite.”
Steve Hickner, Dreamworks, Director of
Prince of Egypt and Bee Movie
Sid the Squid by David Derrick
$15.95, hardcover
Children’s Picture Book
ISBN: 978-1-59702-021-3
11 x 8, 36 pages

Coming in September 2010