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“More stunning work from Brianne Drouhard, aka The Best Kept Secret in Animation.”
—Chris Battle, The Powerpuff Girls
Billie the Unicorn
The young unicorn Billie seeks adventure! She leaves her corn field for the forest where her friendly cousins Rhubarb and Smudge show her how to grow delightful flowers. However, the legend of a Queen’s castle which holds the world’s grandest garden lures her away! But will Billie discover that friendship matters the most?
“If you like pretty twinkly magic, unthinkable depths of lavish colors, organic farming, and horses with horns, boy are you in for a treat! The brilliantly talented marker wielding creator of this universe, Brianne Drouhard, has wrought forth a world of such intense charm and adorableness, that even the coldest hearted football jock will not be able to resist the call to be immersed in this lush and wondrous world.”
—Derrick J. Wyatt, Transformers: Animated
Billie the Unicorn by Brianne Drouhard
$15.95, hardcover
Children’s Picture Book
ISBN: 978-1-59702-024-4
8 1/2 x 10 1/2, 36 pages