Where We Know
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Where We Know: New Orleans as Home

"Where We Know creates a mosaic of the ultimate mosaic city...these writers illuminate the city's past and the present in a gritty homage fit for natives and foreigners alike. Designed as though Chin Music Press/Broken Levee Books intends to singlehandedly resurrect the art of bookmaking, Where We Know is a book you'll want at your bedside and on your coffee table." —Lucia Silva, NPR

The counterclockwise swirl of Katrina and the subsequent levee breaches ripped civilization right off of New Orleans five years ago. At that time, David Rutledge compiled an anthology of essays and art (Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? 2006) that gave voice to denizens of the Crescent City as they waited in exile, unsure of their city's fate.

Five years later, New Orleans is still limping. Where We Know: New Orleans as Home is the second book of a planned trilogy that looks at both those who stayed on and rebuilt their lives in New Orleans and those who had to say goodbye. What emerges is a beautifully designed paperback that shows how lovers of New Orleans have always battled with its darker side, and how the people's knack for celebrating an impromptu second line goes hand in hand with their acknowledgment of the ghosts in their midst.

Featuring new work by Ray Shea, Eve Troeh, Rex Noone, Anne Gisleson, David Rutledge, Eve Abrams and others.

For those who wish to come home - and those who we wish could come home.

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