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Praise for Shiro: Wit, Wisdom and Recipes from a Sushi Pioneer

"Shiro Kashiba stands atop any list defining Japanese food in Seattle. He's been called many things—culinary master, fisherman, mushroom forager and nature lover—but first and foremost he's the "Sushi King." His eponymous debut cookbook is no chef-vanity affair, though, but a riveting and imaginative blending of East and West in the quest for high gastronomic art." Shelf Awareness

"Three days a week you'll find Seattle's pre-eminent sushi chef right where he wants to be: standing behind his sushi bar, celebrating the fact that at 70, he's doing what he dreamt of doing as a grade-school boy in Kyoto. These days (Kashiba) has something else to celebrate, and so do we: the publication of his memoir, Shiro: Wit, Wisdom and Recipes from a Sushi Pioneer. Beautifully photographed and illustrated, filled with memories spanning seven decades and two continents, the book chronicles his years spent as a sushi apprentice in Tokyo's Ginza district and brings us up-to-date with Seattle's contemporary sushi scene" The Seattle Times

"(Kashiba's) appreciation of local sea life—and his serious concern for its survival—permeates the book, which itself is awash in gorgeous illustrations, vintage photos, and recipes and tips from the sushi master. Forty-five years after landing in Seattle, now boasting legions of regular customers (including Bill and Melinda Gates, Ichiro Suzuki and Gerard Schwarz), Shiro tells readers how he got here. It's a lovely immigrant song."
Seattle Magazine

"Shiro is engrossing and thoughtful—plenty of pleas for more sustainable seafood practices—and paints a striking picture of the development of Seattle’s sushi culture. The friendly tips from the chef, along with his own personal ephemera, make it a personal and personable read, much like the venerable master himself."

"Together with Kashiba's recollections, the images and illustrations make up a compelling portrait of a chef who crystallized a very specific Seattle food ethos long before the national media had taken note of Pacific Northwesterners' locavore tendencies." Seattle Weekly

"Shiro: Wit, Wisdom and Recipes from a Sushi Pioneer has something to appeal to everyone. It is the success story of a plucky, ambitious young immigrant making his way in a city with its own ambitions. It is a manifesto for a sustainable Northwest cuisine. It is a manual for making it in the restaurant business. And it is a cookbook of recipes and tips from one of Seattle’s top chefs. All told in the cheerful aw-shucks voice of a friend sitting at the kitchen table with his photo album and scrapbook." The International Examiner

"(Shiro) is quite lovely, with many, many beautiful photos—the black-and-white ones of (Kashiba) and his hiking buddies in Japan in his youth are especially great." The Stranger

"Though (Kashiba) considered moving elsewhere, the Pacific Northwest's bounty (salmon, tuna, oft-overlooked smelt, and the otherworldly geoduck) was too rich to pass up. You could say the same for the book's final 90 pages: recipes and tips that have made Shiro's sushi some of the best in the land." Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Praise for Shiro Kashiba

"(Kashiba is) A true master." The Zagat Survey

"To get a sense of what it must have been like to watch Picasso at work, grab a seat at the sushi bar at Shiro's and watch chef/owner Shiro Kashiba"USA Today

"Seattle's sushi lovers beat a path to Shiro's Sushi Bar and restaurant. Shiro Kashiba, the chef and owner, buys only the freshest seafood and present it artfully to his dedicated clientele." Melissa A. Trainer, The New York Times

"Shiro's Sushi Restaurant in Seattle is my local favorite (for sushi). Shiro works the sushi bar, and you have to sit at the bar. He's got the biggest smile, and he's the master of sushi. The pieces aren't the size of your head, they're the perfect mouthful. His rolls are good, they make sense, they're great combinations of flavors." Tom Douglas, chef and owner of Seattle restaurants Dahlia Lounge, Etta's, Palace Kitchen, Lola, Serious Pie, Seatown, Brave Horse Tavern, Ting Momo, and Cuoco

(Shiro's is) "one of the seven best sushi restaurants in the entire US." Fortune

(Shiro's Chirashi Lunch is one of the) "100 Best Things to Eat in America." Men's Journal
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