Shoot It!
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About David Spaner

David Spaner has worked as a movie critic, feature writer, reporter, and editor for numerous newspapers and magazines. Spaner's writings about culture (mostly film) and politics have appeared in alternative (The Open Road, Yipster Times, Georgia Straight) and mainstream publications (Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Magazine). His movie coverage and other cultural writing was featured in the Vancouver Province daily newspaper from 1999 to 2008, and won the Publishers Award for best feature writing in the paper. Spaner's column on independent film, "Indie City," also appeared in the newspaper.

Spaner was a co-founder of the Vancouver Film Critics Circle and has often appeared at film events as a moderator, juror (from Vancouver's 48-hour-film contest to the Toronto International Film Festival's panel that selects the year's top-10 Canadian films), or programmer (in 2010, for instance, he curated a tribute to University of B.C. filmmakers).

Born in Toronto, Spaner grew up in B.C., graduating from Langara College (journalism) and Simon Fraser University (history). He co-founded The Open Road, an international journal of the anti-authoritarian left, and was active in the Youth International Party (the Yippies). Spaner helped to organize many public events, including Rock Against Radiation and Rock Against Racism concerts. He was the manager of the Canadian anarcho-punk band The Subhumans and staged shows with his production company Ed Sullivan Productions (typical poster: "Ed Sullivan presents … the Dead Kennedys").    

Along with Shoot It!, Spaner authored a history of Vancouver filmmaking, Dreaming in the Rain: How Vancouver Became Hollywood North by Northwest (Arsenal, 2003), and his writing has appeared in a variety of books, including Blacklisted News: Secret Histories of the 1970s, Jewish Women in America: An Encyclopedia, Only A Beginning: An Anarchist Anthology, Total Baseball, and The Vancouver Book.

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